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Women's Healthcare

Hillside Family Health Clinic is a proud provider of the Healthy Texas Women Program as well as trained in alternative forms of birth control, such as Long Acting Reversible Contraception, or LARC. Make an appointment today to talk about your needs. 


No Insurance? No Problem!

Hillside offers a couple of different programs for qualifying cash or private pay patients. Our programs require 4 of your most recent pay  stubs, proof of residence, and all transactions require a valid photo ID.

Healthy Texas Women Program-

This program applies to young women with the following qualifications:

  • ages 18-44, 
  •  15-17 (with parental consent),  
  • not pregnant  
  • under-insured or have no insurance
  • household income is within the income qualifications

This program offers free preventative care such as labs, physicals, and contraceptive care. This program is offered by Texas Medicaid. More information can be found here

Sliding Scale Program- 

This program provides services to you at a lower cost.  This program is offered to all income-eligible individuals and families that is based on an semi-annual household income.  Our sliding scaled is based off of the 2017 federal poverty guidelines which can be found here. For this program the following information is needed:

-Government Issued Identification 

-Proof of Residence

-Last year's tax returns or the last 4 check stubs.

Please allow 24-48 hours for processing

Cash Pay- 

If you do not want to provide your income information, we are always accepting cash pay patients. Office visits start at $155 and this does not include any testing or other procedures being performed. 

Most people qualify for at least one program. If you want to apply, please give our office a call and we would be happy to help get you set up on one of our financial assistance programs!